St. Luke's Hall


The building was described originally as ‘St Luke’s School and Parish Hall’ and was designed by the innovative Toowoomba architect Harry Marks. The foundation stone was laid on 28 May 1910 and it was dedicated on 15 May 1911. Its unusual external appearance is suggestive of an eastern orthodox origin, capped by ventilators topped by crosses ‘reminiscent of Byzantine onion cupolas’ and patented by Marks. The handsome ornate interior has gothic features. From an architectural point of view it is the stucco construction of the walls that is most noteworthy. This form of construction - namely cement applied over chicken wire affixed to a wooden framework - was pioneered in Toowoomba by Marks. The clerestory lighting, triple casement windows and porches are special features.

The Hall has continued to serve the community for varied celebrations, meetings of community groups, concerts, and as a place where the less fortunate may obtain assistance. It was recognised as a Toowoomba Heritage Treasure in 2008. On 28 May 2010 the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone was celebrated and the Centenary Appeal was launched to fund essential maintenance and ensure that the unique Hall will continue to serve the community indefinitely.

The official opening of the Hall on 15 May 1911 was celebrated on 15 May 2011 and on 12 May 2012. It has been included in Toowoomba Open House activities over the last few years.




Now the Hall, like all old buildings, is beginning to show its age.  In recent years inspections have revealed not only the need for repainting of the exterior but also problems developing where roof sheeting, guttering and associated plumbing require attention as well as replacement of missing downpipes. Porches and window frames also require attention.


In order to bring it back to its former glory, an appeal, as reported in The Chronicle, (28 July, 2017 p 10), has been launched to raise the necessary funds.  For further information on the appeal and how to donate, click here.




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