Building a model city of Peace and Harmony


We seek to work for peace and harmony with all people of goodwill across the boundaries of faith and culture.   For our contemporary world is too full of tension and violence linked to religion.  Instead, together with Anglicans worldwide, we seek to share a ‘Generous Love’, sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed but also celebrating love, goodness and wisdom wherever they can be found.  The world needs all such resources we can find!

A key feature of our commitment is to the Toowoomba ‘Building a model city of Peace and Harmony’ initiative, begun by the Pure Land Learning College in Toowoomba, and coordinated by the Toowoomba Multifaith and Multicultural Centre, supported by organisations and individuals across our city.  As part of this we have engaged in Faith Sharing sessions, special occasions and celebrations of key community events and Peace and Harmony forums and conferences.  All of these have been delightful ways of loving our neighbour.

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