Music in Worship

Music is a vital part of our life. St. Luke’s Church in particular is a wonderful space for music and is extensively used for concerts of all kinds, during our Carnival and Christmas Tree Festival celebrations and throughout the year. St. Luke’s is also blessed with a very fine organ and we are fortunate to have a number of fine organists. We hope that St. Luke’s will continue to be a focal point for fine music in the city of Toowoomba for many years to come.


Within the worshipping life of the parish, we seek to use the best of the wonderful variety of music, songs and hymns in the world church, drawing on both traditional and contemporary repertoires as appropriate to the different needs and contexts of our congregations and services. In addition to the St. Luke’s Director of Music, we are also fortunate to have the voluntary services of a number of different musicians, young and old, and welcome the input and gifts of all.

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