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The Reverend Paul Mitchell from St Lukes Toowoomba.


The Reverend Canon Paul Mitchell

Paul has been at St Luke’s since July 2017.  He came from South Australia, having been ordained in 1989 and served in the Diocese of Adelaide and the Diocese of Perth in Western Australia.  He has also served the church in ministry in South Sudan and France.  In 2021 Paul was appointed a Canon of St John’s Cathedral, but his ministry is still focussed here in Toowoomba!

Mrs Carolyn Cranch

Administration & Communications Officer

Mrs Amanda Lewis

(details to be added and picture to be changed.  The picture above is our former Admin Officer, Carolyn Cranch)

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The Parish is served by faithful and dedicated lay leadership. Judy Bond, Steve Rigney and Sandy Lee serve as Parish Wardens. Rod Ibell serves as our Parish Treasurer and the three centres are served by Gordon Lee and Alan Rennick (St Luke’s); Val Johnston and Jennifer Murray (St Mark’s); and Stephen Hart and Kimberley Browning (All Saints). To contact them please use the contact page on this website.

Parish Partnership

In 2018 we accepted the invitation and challenge from Bishop Cam Venables (our regional bishop) to explore a deeper connection with a church community in the Shire of Balonne (based 400kms west of Toowoomba!).

Since that time a pattern of connection and shared ministry has developed. The Reverend Paul Mitchell travels to St George and the surrounding areas one weekend every month, conducting services and sharing in the community life.

Child Safety and Respect

Every person of any age should be able to be safe and feel comfortable wherever they are. Their needs should be recognised and respected. Our parish is a child safe environment and a place where all people are respected, whatever their ability or disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or background.

Recognising past failures in the churches and other parts of the wider community, we take seriously the need to ensure proper vetting of and training for all people who hold positions of responsibility, leadership or authority in our church community. In each parish centre information is displayed about this commitment which we make to providing a safe environment as well as the contact details for people who will assist if any person has a complaint or concern.

Please contact us for more information and check out the information provided on our Diocesan website.

Parish History

St Luke’s Parish, an each of our church communities, have a rich history as we have grown and contributed to the life of the community of Toowoomba.  Come back to check as information is added here or contact the parish office for a copy of our most recent Parish History.

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Find out more about our history, venue and current parish partnership, by calling 07 4639 1910

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