Ways in which we gather

Study Groups

Groups meet regularly on weekdays and evenings in homes. Please contact our Parish Office for more details.

Groups for Men, Women and Children

Mother’s Union

This International organisation is expressed in our parish through groups which meet on the third Thursday in late morning (beginning with the 10.15am Communion service at St Luke’s) and the following Tuesday evening at St Mark’s.  Please contact our Parish Office for more details.

Men’s Group

Men of the Parish (anyone is welcome!) meet once a month, usually on the third or fifth Fridays).  We meet over a meal and sometimes have a speaker.  It is an opportunity to connect and share, enjoy one another’s company and support one another.   Please, contact our Parish Office for more details.


We are preparing to offer a group for pre-schoolers on a weekday morning.  If you would like more information or to register interest, please contact our Parish Office for more details.

Sharing with Children at Home

Explore these resources for use at home for your children:


Four times each year we produce a small magazine which explores faith and life in community, drawing on our own experiences and the experience of people in other places.

If you would like to receive a printed copy please contact our parish office. Online copies can also be accessed through our blog page.


Music is a vital part of life. We sing almost as soon as we can speak, or before!


Parenting is always full of challenges. We are exploring an opportunity to offer a parenting course. If you are interested in finding out more about this, please contact our parish office.

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To find out more about worship at St Luke’s,
call 07 4639 1910

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