Explore Christian faith with us

Study and Further Exploration

For some of us, the opportunity to study issues, theology and the encounter with God will be informal. For some, it will be through reading and occasional courses or public opportunities. While for some, that will come through a regular Bible Study group. Some members will want to undertake further formal study.

Sharing our Faith

Christian life has many facets.

We explore our relationship with God. We learn and grow. We discover that through transformed, integrated, faithful living, our lives and our relationships with those around us are changed and deepened.

We want to be able to share this invitation into transformed life.

Firstly, we do that by how we live. Being an example and being who we are will raise questions among those who surround us in our lives.

As St Francis is reputed to have said “Preach the Gospel. Use words if you have to.” Our lives will be a statement of ‘good news’.

We also need to be able to articulate both our journey of transformation, life and growth and be able to put the invitation from God into our words for our situations.

As this part of our website develops we will be sharing more of the ways in which we are learning together to share our faith. Join us as we explore.

For hints on Sharing Faith please contact our Parish Office.

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For study and further exploration of The Bible,

call St Luke’s on 07 4639 1910

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