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In our worldwide community of over 7 billion people over 65 million people have been forced from their homes by warfare, famine, natural disasters or other factors beyond their control. How can we best respond? Do we build walls and stop boats, lock up those vulnerable people who are seeking an opportunity for a new life, imprison and prosecute those who seek to support them OR is there a better way?

This is one of the big issues in our world, an issue with significant political wrangling and pressure, an issue which touches on our own experiences and presses our prejudices. Yes, vulnerable people should receive care and support. Should that come at any cost or discomfort or disruption to us? Yes, people should be helped, but … not in my backyard.

This and other big questions touch on our values and what drives and shapes our lives. It is an issue which is explored in various ways though our community.
Explore. Question. Question your own responses and prejudices and values. Come and ask and explore this with us.

For a contribution from our national Anglican Church explore:

For an agency which supports refugees with integrity and transparency, see Act for Peace:

As we explore these, and other, issues more information will be added here.

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