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The Nazarene Church – Nepal

For over ten years, we have been supporting the work of Pastor Rinzi in Nepal.

Together, with Nana Beti and the team, they have planted and grown over 100 churches during the 25 years (celebrated in 2019) of this ministry. Some members of our community have visited them there and Pastor Rinzi and Nana Beti visit us regularly.

Newton College - PNG

Supporting the redevelopment of Newton College is part of our ongoing support for the work of the Anglican Board of Mission – Australia (  The connections between the church in PNG and the church in QLD are longstanding and deep. Some of those missionaries, clergy, teachers and medical staff who were martyred by the Japanese invaders in 1942 came from our churches.

The redeveloped Newton College will provide Theological Education for clergy and lay people in the PNG church, and resourcing for other teachers and evangelists.

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CMS (Church Missionary Society)
GFA (Gospel for Africa)

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