Our Work in Australia

Mission is a term used for a broad range of activities in the life of church communities. At its heart, as a former Archbishop of Canterbury reminded us, “mission is finding out where God is active and joining in”!

We think of our engagement in mission as a series of concentric circles, spreading out from our physical location in Toowoomba to embrace connections across the world. It is never a choice of either/or. We are called into engaged life in community, and that community of humanity extends far beyond the lives of those immediately around us, locally, in our state or in our nation. We are called into a family of humanity, all of whom are loved by God.

For regular updates on the mission connections listed here please contact our parish office. We also have regular mission breakfasts which are fundraisers to support mission and also an opportunity to hear updates. Other fundraising events and information opportunities are also held. Explore our events page for more information.

We make a regular committed financial contributions as a parish community to many of these national and international Mission opportunities. Contact our Parish Office for more details and to join us in providing support.

To find out more about baptism, confirmation and weddings, call 07 4639 1910

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