Serving and Giving in Toowoomba


Living authentic lives draws us into closer connection with one another as well as closer connection with God.  Our lives are made richer and deeper through compassionate and caring engagement with the world around us.

We express and explore this in a variety of ways. Explore, visit us and be involved, and share with us (challenge us!) to discover more ways of being who we are called to be as part of the family of humanity.

Service includes sharing of our time, our abilities and gifts and also the resources with which our lives have been blessed.  Links are provided here for ways that you may choose to support the work of the church financially as well as by offering yourself in service.


On Wednesday mornings each week, we distribute food to people in need in our community. Many families and individuals are experiencing difficulty surviving, and we assist as we are able.

The food resources that we distribute are donated by members of our church community, supported by donations from the wider community, schools and other groups.  There are several people who know what we do and come each week to drop off non-perishable food for us to distribute.  The need is increasing, so we always welcome donations.  If you would like to donate, bring non-perishable food items to the Parish Office during opening hours.  You may also like to contact us to find out where the greatest needs are at this time.

Since the beginning of 2019 we have been collecting ‘containers for change’, supporting recycling and raising additional funds to purchase food to distribute.  Recyclable containers that can be ‘cashed in’ are collected at each Parish Centre when the church buildings are open or (preferably) through our Parish Office during opening hours.


For many years, a significant part of our involvement in the annual Carnival of Flowers has been our plant stall. Since early 2018 we have also been offering a plant stall on Saturday mornings in the grounds of St Luke’s.

Do you have a green thumb and would like to help, preparing the plants at St Luke’s, selling them at our stalls, or growing plants at home for us to sell?

Contact our Parish Office with offers or for more information.

Pastoral Care

We care for one another in many ways.  As family and friends.  When we are sick, grieving, elderly or in need the companionship and care that we offer one another helps us find strength and build resilience.

As a church community we visit several nursing homes and aged care facilities in Toowoomba, regularly.  These visits include conducting services and simply visiting to offer support.

Would you like to help us in offering this care tp our community?

Would you like a visit, or to discuss how we can support you through our community?

Contact our Parish Office with suggestions, requests and for more information.

Direct Giving

The funds that maintain the life of our church community, programs and outreach, our mission and the upkeep on our buildings all come from donations. The largest part of these funds come from regular, committed donations by the members of our church community.

Each year we have time to focus on Stewardship, which includes our financial giving as well as the offering of the rest of our lives.

If you would like to support this church community financially, contact us to discuss how this can be done in the best way.

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Find out more about contributing to and through St Luke’s by calling 07 4639 1910

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